Creating courses is a job, marketing is an other. As we want to focus on course creation, we are opened to affiliate offers, let us know more about you and we will come back to you .
Our solution is adapted to multi-language schools in search of offering an extra service to their students as add-on.
So far we are mostly working with schools, the way we proceed is simple, we offer a 15% commission on our courses schools present via the curriculum to their students. They take care of the enrollment part and once it’s done they simply place an order via a private link with the student email in comment. We believe personalized marketing ( from school to their own students ) is a great practice, better than mass marketing and affiliate links. No need to send students to our website, simply offer this course such as add-on So now, it’s your turn to talk about you , feel free to contact us and let us know how we can exchange.