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Our Experienced and Expat Pedagogical Team

At The French Course, we take pride in introducing our dedicated pedagogical team, consisting exclusively of native French experts who have personally experienced expatriation. We understand the unique challenges you face as an expat, and we are here to help you rapidly and effectively learn French.

Why Choose Our Pedagogical Team?

  1. Expat Expertise: Our native teachers possess in-depth knowledge of the French language and culture, acquired through their own expatriation experiences. They understand the linguistic and cultural challenges you encounter and can provide precise and relevant guidance.

  2. Advanced Pedagogical Skills: Our teachers are experts in teaching French as a foreign language. They have extensive pedagogical experience and employ modern, interactive teaching methods to make your learning experience enjoyable and efficient.

  3. Personalized Approach: We believe in the importance of a personalized learning approach. Our pedagogical team is committed to understanding your specific needs, goals, and current French proficiency level, in order to provide tailor-made courses that meet your expectations.

  4. Flexibility and Availability: We understand that your schedule as an expat can be demanding. That’s why we offer flexible timetables and online courses, allowing you to learn French wherever and whenever suits you best.

Join us today and discover how our exceptional pedagogical team, comprised of native experts with expat experience, can help you quickly master the French language and feel at home in France!

Frequent Ask Questions about the coaching

Absolutely ! Simply contact us via whatsapp

Simply select the course of your choice and click on “Buy Now” before to pay via paypal.

Yes, all our tutors are French native and trained tutors.

Spot can be booked right after payment, your private tutor will contact you directly ! You can pick the best spot for you.

Your teacher will be sending some tips and exercises for the week only if you want to !

They trust us

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