How to create a French immersion at home

10 tips to create a French immersion at home. 10 Tips to create a French immersion at home.
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Tip 1:

I watch a movie in French:
-beginners: cartoon, Disney, movie already watched in English. Netflix in French…
-intermediates: Untouchables
-advanced: Amélie Poulain, La grande vadrouille

Tip 2

I read the newspaper:
Easier than a book, reading one or two articles is easy. The news is often easier.

Easy French newspapers: Accueil – La Montagne et France | Journal Métro (

Tip 3:

I listen to the radio, television or French music. The idea is not to understand, just to continue your daily activities and get your ear used to the sounds.
Also, listen to a song by reading the lyrics. Many websites offer this option.

Tip 4:

I do my online searches into French

Take the opportunity to search for tourist and cultural information about France. The challenge is to search only in French.

Tip 5 :

Take online courses:
Whether it’s for a week, a month or more, take online classes. It is possible to ask a teacher to create a program for you with exercises to do at home to create the most complete immersion possible.

Tip 6:

Work on your vocabulary

Go around the house and your objects. On post-it notes, write the names in French of objects you don’t know. Leave them a few days to memorize them.

Immersion en français actuce 6

Tip 7:

Read a book before you fall asleep, even a page every night. Better to take the time to read a page and look for vocabulary than to read too fast and not learn.
Beginners: A children’s book is fine. If so!
Intermediate and advanced: The Little Prince

Tip 8:

Make a recipe in French, be careful we count in Grams and Liters. But it is possible to find KG to LB converters online easily and from LITERS to CUP as well.
A site that is very good is: Marmiton : 70000 recettes de cuisine ! Recettes commentées et notées pour toutes les cuisines. Recette de cuisine. – Accueil –

Tip 9:

Write down your difficulties in French, on a notebook, everything that frustrates you when you watch a movie for example to talk about it with your teacher. Your French teacher will give you tips, exercises and explain everything you need to know.

Tip 10:

Plan your immersion stay in France. Staying with a teacher at home, in total immersion is more efficient and sometimes cheaper than organizing a trip in France alone. In addition, even if it is possible to talk at the hotel, restaurant or tourist office, it is sometimes difficult to start conversations with French people on a trip.

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